Day 12: #blessed

Write about five blessings in your life.

There are many times that I forget how lucky I am to have first world problems – usually when I’m raging from being cut off in traffic or standing in a really long line for something I don’t even really need. There are blessings that I obviously cherish – a smart, caring, funny, beautiful, loving wife, a rambunctious and hilarious but equally loving son, family that still talks to me, great friends, and my relatively good health…but no one wants to hear mushy stuff, so here are five other things in my life that are totally not as important as the aforementioned blessings, but are blessings nonetheless.

1. Living in an age where being a nerd is not a bad thing
When I was growing up, it was definitely not cool to be a fan of the following:

  • Science
  • Star Trek
  • Comic books
  • Geography
  • Thumbing through almanacs just because
  • Reading Tom Clancy novels
  • Watching stand-up comedy

Thanks to the Internet and a more accepting society, people realize that it’s okay to have all kinds of interests because it’s highly likely that a lot of people have those interests too. It’s not just “Go sports team!” or bust anymore*.

2. Health insurance
Seriously though, you’ll never appreciate health insurance until you look at an insurance bill and see how much you would’ve paid if you didn’t have any coverage. You need some COVERAGE.

3. Having no excuse to not know something anymore
Whenever I see people arguing about things like whether or not Flight of the Navigator came out in 1986 or 1987 (it came out in 1986) I think, “Just look it up online!” No one really gets credit anymore for just remembering things now that an interconnected virtual world that is on the verge of sentience contains the answers to any question you could possibly have. The burden of actually having to remember things has been lifted and it feels so good!…until the Internet goes out.

4. Being able to order almost anything and having it arrive at your doorstep in two days
I use Amazon Prime so much that it should count as a public utility. This blessing has been especially helpful since having kids. I once checked my Amazon order history going back to the first thing I ever bought (which was 12 years ago), and half of the things I have ever bought have been bought in the past two years. Not coincidentally, my son is two years old.

5. Having a smart, caring, funny, beautiful, loving wife,  a rambunctious and hilarious but equally loving son, family that still talks to me, great friends, and relatively good health
Ok, so I lied. Like everyone else, every day I am bombarded by messages that remind me of what I don’t have and not bombarded by enough messages that remind me of what I do have. So this is my message to myself to remind myself that if I receive nothing else in life from this moment forward, I have more than enough to last me the rest of my life.