That Time I Watched Star Trek Into Darkness by Myself

One thing you absolutely need to stay sane as a parent is some time to yourself. I am not talking about the time after you’ve put the kiddies to bed and the house is quiet. I am talking about being physically somewhere else such that your mind knows you are physically somewhere else. I am also not talking about girls’ night out or guys’ night out. I’m talking about being physically somewhere else and also being alone. It’s important to be by yourself occasionally so you can maintain some perspective about who you are and appreciate the times you are around friends and loved ones. Some people might call it mediation. Others might call it going to a theater to watch Star Trek Into Darkness by yourself. I call it the latter.

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Excuse the Template…

Even though I work on websites for a living, I have decided to put content over design for now and just launch this puppy with a default WordPress theme. As I get time to work on it, I will make it more my own. Just think of it as a chef at a fancy restaurant who just wants to eat greasy chinese food when he gets home from work. Not to say whoever developed this theme created the web equivalent of greasy chinese food. This theme is super and I am grateful for its existence. It’s just that…..ok, I’ll just stop now.