Cheerios Are a Part of My Life Now

So small. So ubiquitous.
So small. So ubiquitous.

My relationship with Cheerios in 2010:

  • Ate them in a bowl with milk for breakfast.

My relationship with Cheerios in 2014:

  • Find them randomly on the floor of any room in the house, including the bathroom.
  • Sit on the floor and accidentally crush one into Cheerio powder (a.k.a. baby angel dust).
  • Find some in my pocket because I had found them on the floor earlier and just put them there because I wasn’t close enough to a trash can.
  • Eat one I found on the floor because I wasn’t close enough to a trash can and my shorts don’t have pockets and I know Dylan just dropped it less than five minutes ago don’t judge me.
  • Leave a restaurant with at least ten of them scattered around the floor by our table like the calling card of a serial litterer.
  • Can hear the sound of one falling onĀ carpet from at least 20 feet away. And yes, if a Cheerio falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, it still makes a sound, which is the sound of my knees creaking as I bend down to pick up the Cheerio.
  • Know thatĀ snack catchers are no match for a baby without the fine motor skills to grab just a couple out the snack catcher. Dylan has perfected the art of grabbing a handful of Cheerios, yanking them out of the snack catcher, and letting them fly like rice at a wedding (Chong Li cheater dust if you prefer).
  • Know the typical ratio of Cheerios grabbed to Cheerios actually eaten for a 1-year old, also known as the Cheeratio.
  • Know that babies never tire of them. Ever.

If you have any special relationship with Cheerios (related to kids) that I haven’t covered, feel free to add to this list.