Day 14: “‘PC Load Letter?’ What the f**k does that mean?”

Post your favorite movies that you never get tired of watching.

Watching movies is one of the best things ever in life. You get magically transported to another world for a couple of hours and you don’t even have to stand up.

1. Ocean’s Eleven (2001)
This movie really is the best. This movie hits from the very beginning and never lets up. The pacing keeps you from even noticing the passage of time like the inside of a Vegas casino while seamlessly intertwining comedy, suspense, and action. Every part, no matter how small is masterfully played. It’s like watching the 1992 Dream Team straight murder every team by 40 points every five minutes.


2. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
This is one of those movies where if you come across it on TV, no matter how far in it is, you just start watching it. I remember the first time seeing and marveling at the fact that I sat through the entire thing. It’s probably the most serene and peaceful movie about prison, ever.


3. Office Space (1999)
I graduated from college right after the first dot-com bust so I was very fortunate that the company I was interning at offered me a full-time position – others were not so lucky. It was at this company that I was introduced to the world that Office Space would portray with such chilling accuracy. I understand that this is a movie not everyone will understand. However, those that do have an undying, almost religious devotion towards it. My friends and I would constantly quote this movie during lunch or over AIM as we sat in our soft-wall office or cubicle or shared office. It was kind of a cynical introduction to the real world, but it really makes me appreciate where I work now.


4. Superbad (2007)
This movie will never get old for me. I can’t really point to just any one scene, but the overall tone and the dialog just reminds me of how I would joke around with my friends and just riff of of stupid things that come up. I was so uncool in high school that I wasn’t even trying to unsuccessfully score beer and get with girls, so maybe I’m just trying to live vicariously through this movie. Also, I can’t believe Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wrote this movie in high school. High school! What the hell was I doing in high school? Maybe I should’ve written a movie.


5. Heat (1994)
When I was in middle school I had to do some research for a report, so my mom took me to the public library in downtown L.A. (yes, there was a time where you had to physically seek out information). Right outside the library there was a shoot going on for some movie and I always wanted to stay and watch and be as close as they would let us be. I asked around and found out it was for some movie called Heat. I had to go back to the library a couple weekends in a row and every weekend they were shooting that same scene, so I got to see them shoot that scene a few times, whatever scene that was. Of course, because it was an R-rated movie, it would be years before I would even get to see it. I eventually forgot about it.

It turns out that they were shooting was one of the greatest shootout scenes ever for a movie that would end up being one of my favorite movies ever. Even before I made that connection years later, I thought this movie was awesome, but that just made it even more so. Michael Mann is able to capture that ethereal mood of LA in the evenings and night that I remember when I was younger, so whenever I watch this movie, it strangely evokes old feelings and memories (fortunately none of which include shootouts, gangsters, or murder).

I could probably make this list twice as long, but I’m tired and it’s late. Maybe I can make a Part 2.

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