Day 23: Shame. Shame. Shame.

A letter to someone, anyone.

This letter isn’t to a particular someone, but it is to anyone.

Dear person who got fired/had to resign because of a stupid photo/tweet/Facebook status:

I know that most people have very little sympathy for you, since you voluntarily said something ignorant/racist/sexist/douchey, but I sympathize. Sort of. You are an end product of a society that demands more justice than understanding, more shaming than learning, more segregation than integration. The Internet was supposed to unite the world, democratize technology, and free information from the shackles of the physical world, and for the most part it has. However, it has also allowed you to create an insular bubble that feeds you information and opinions that only you want to hear. I know my social feeds are pretty skewed toward the nerd, with nary a trace of broism. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it’s not. Maybe I should be more open to other people, other opinions, and other points of view. When you live in what basically amounts to an echo chamber, you no longer have a reference point for something that can be interpreted as “totally not cool to say”. This echo can build and build until it’s loud enough to be heard by people outside your usual sphere of influence, as this woman learned the hard way.

It’s easy to rain down shame and hate from the glowing screen of a phone. It’s way harder to do it to someone’s face. This is not to excuse the stupid thing you said, and I’m not saying I’ve been immune to getting caught up in the shaming, but I don’t believe everyone on earth who says something stupid needs to have their life ruined, or else everyone’s life would be ruined. So even though you may be an ignorant/racist/sexist douchebag, I would hope that you could at least get a chance to change your ways from your one transgression before your life is irreversibly ruined by the Internet. That would remove one more ignorant/racist/sexist douchebag from the world and I think that is better than creating another even more bitter human being.

Except Donald Trump. He needs to be fired. Like, now.


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