Day 24: Three the Hard Way

Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way.

Most lessons learned in life are learned the hard way. As a toddler, I didn’t learn that hot things could burn me until I actually burned my hand on something. As a young boy, I didn’t learn that I could get the wind knocked out of me until I took a soccer ball square in the chest at point blank range. As an adult, I didn’t learn how lucky I am to have a job I enjoy until I actually got one, leaving a trail of jobs I didn’t enjoy in my wake.

One lesson I have certainly learned in the past month is about doing this 30 day challenge in the first place. My friend over at actually did all 30 days, which is an accomplishment in itself. Sometimes I would check out the blog she was inspired by to do the challenge when I would get stuck on what to write, just to see how others did it. To my surprise, that person didn’t even do all 30! She only did 13 of the 30 (she made it to day 23, but also skipped days 9 through 17!). When I found this out, I felt a little cheated, to be honest. Even though my friend had completed it, the person we ultimately both were inspired by to do this in the first place didn’t even finish. It’s not as bad as learning that there’s no Santa Claus. In the end, I did this to force myself to write more, and I have, so mission accomplished. I guess the lesson in this is to make sure that the source of your inspiration really does carry the spirit of what you’re trying to accomplish. This isn’t really a deep or serious lesson learned the hard way, but it is a lesson that can be applied to something that may end up being deep or serious.

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  1. I’m on day 27 now and will have written something for every day. It’s been challenging (I guess that’s why they call it a “challenge”…derp), but I do feel like it’s helped encourage me to write more.

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