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When I was in eighth grade our middle school got a new principal, Mr. Chu. From what I remember, he had double bridge thin-rimmed glasses, a pretty hefty pornstache, jet black hair parted on one side, and always wore a suit. He a little bit like a shady car salesman, but despite his authoritarian position, I always remember him as a cool guy. I don’t remember the circumstances of said words of wisdom, but I must’ve been between classes, when he would always be walking amongst his subjects, making sure kids were getting to class and not getting into trouble. He said to me, “Always reach as high as you can. Even if you don’t get there, wherever you end up will still be pretty good.”

Whatever goals you have, just be sure to appreciate and be content with how far you’ve come because one day, that might be where you end up. It will probably be better than when you started…and if not, then well, shit.

P.S. The title of this entry comes from one of my favorite moments in Juno when Juno is fighting with her stepmom, Bren (YouTube failed me, so I resorted to screenshotting that scene in the script):



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